Father wants her daughter to be empowered, allowing her full freedom but wants her daughter-in-law to stay at home and do housework. If a woman is a boss, her male employees and colleagues would go out of their way to show her how they support women empowerment. If he is a boss, he will try every method to stop women from getting empowered.

Everyone likes women empowerment, but nobody likes powerful women. Women empowerment is just a marketing tool to impress women. If it’s a workplace, they will come up with a program on gender equality and women empowerment, showcasing how much they care for women and their empowerment.

If I have to explain in one sentence, “Nobody promotes or supports women empowerment unless there is a moto behind or something to gain out of it.” If there is a company where maximum employees or workers are women, there would be a lot of promotional campaigns on women empowerment. This way their women employees are happy, which results in better production in the company.

If your boss is a woman, you will tell her about a social media page you follow which is on women empowerment, you will talk about women empowerment programs happening in the city which you always attend. Some would artfully write a blog post on women empowerment just for intimacy, to get his work done from her. A boy chasing a girl to become her life partner will impress her telling how he is active in an NGO which works for women development. He will leave the NGO once she accepts him in her life.

I have seen many examples of the corporate sector where women are promoted to a higher post or sometimes the highest post, but in reality, she is just a showpiece or a proxy. In business meetings, she gets mansplained. This means, if she is presenting something, the men around would takeover her conversation periodically, explaining on her behalf without giving her a chance to speak more or complete her statement or the presentation.

Netas, just to get the votes, bring laws on women development. Though some are seriously beneficial for the women, while others are just on paper, ending up in file till the next election. These are some of the fake showcasing drama men does to get their things done. Is this women empowerment?

In my opinion, using the word ‘women empowerment’ itself is a negative approach and an insult to women and our society. Why hammer it again and again by discussing ‘women empowerment’ and keep highlighting the air of inequality and suppression. When you keep barking about women empowerment, again and again, you are passing negative energy. You are reminding them about something bad, and making them feel low, again and again.

Why not just dump the idea of gender bifurcation and give a positive approach. Why not just focus on opening the doors of free will. Why not stop mentioning the criteria or bifurcation. Women can do anything men is capable of. Nothing is impossible for women.