Lisbon (Portugal)

The primary reason why you should travel solo is to have your own space. Once you have it, it is only then you can take your own decisions, listen to your inner voice, apply new thoughts and execute them. If you travel with a group, there are a lot of hurdles you’ll come across.

Let’s say if you are travelling with your friends. One of your friends says he wants to visit the museum today; the other one will express to visit a local fruit/vegetable/fish market, the third one will show interests in visiting the pub in broad daylight. And there is another one who wants to try street food for all three meals, which is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In all this how would you break free?

Because they are friends, you have to tag along, in fact, all of them in that group has to. Because at the end emotions come into the picture, and everybody ends up going to one place which no one wanted to go except that one guy or a girl. Since these people are already your friends, you know everything about them, there is nothing left to discover or learn from him/her, hence no discussion, no learning.

No, that doesn’t mean you should stop travelling with your friends & family. But create a balance. Yes, it is a little bit self-centred approach, but believe me, it is necessary if you want to do things differently, because breaking free is the first step to all your success, no matter what your professional life is.

You have to stop the external inputs that are coming in, just so that you can apply your thoughts and decide what you want to do next. This is somewhat similar to meditation. Instead, I would like to call it passive meditation. I am not saying that you should completely isolate yourself. Solo travelling is a ratio of 10:90.

10% you keep the space for new people you meet in your life, and 90% you keep it for yourself. Solo travelling teaches you a lot of things. Because the more you meet new people, the more you will come across different mindsets and mentality. You will learn their way of looking at things, their perspective of doing things.

When visiting new places, you will not only learn their history, culture, and lifestyle. But you will also realise where you stand in this world, which is moving fast in every direction. You will scale yourself compared to the world; you will discover what you are and what you want to be and what are the possibilities. You will discover your strengths, your tastes & likes.

Solo travelling opens up your mind. The more you talk to new people, the more knowledgeable you become. The more knowledgeable you are, the more powerful your data bank becomes. This way you will not get carried away with false information, or any misinformation campaign.

You will analyse the situation or the event with your own data bank, which you have gathered while travelling and talking with new people. You will see the things, but won’t completely accept and trust what is shown to you. You will start viewing things from 4 different angles. You will try to find and discover the other side of the coin, before giving quick reactions. This way you will not jump the gun before analysing things.

This also helps you read people, read their body language, their clothes and much more. You will be able to place people easily as you travel more and more. There is something called human profiling; this is something that gets developed in you unconsciously. You won’t get fooled easily; you will be more alert.

Let me tell you the mindset of youth from England, Germany, France, the USA, Australia, Canada, and Scandinavian countries. The youth after completing college sets out on a backpacking trip as per his/her budget; he would travel countries in different continents for a month or 6 months or a year, only to learn where the world is, what the world is doing, and where the world is heading.

This way they learn a lot of things, and then they come back and decide their career. This helps them understand what they are best at and what field can be the best for them. They then go ahead with their post-graduation, PhD., research or a job or a business or whatever they feel is best for them.

They work on their strength, not on their whims. This is something one of my friends always keeps on saying. And he is damn right. So this was my expression of why you should travel solo. I have globe-trotted 47 countries so far, and wish to complete all the 195 countries recognised by the UN. I love solo travelling.