Motion pictures like Movies and TV serials is an art form. There are various genres like comedy, religious, patriotic, historic, suspense, action, war and a few more that conveys some message to society. The regulations body makes sure that there are no negative scenes or dialogues which sends a bad message to the audience.

Today, with web-series, everything has changed. In the pretext of telling a story that could be from the genre mentioned above, they are introducing new thoughts to the viewers, which is far more dangerous than watching porn. They are planting the seeds of a new normal, which is done very sophistically.

Here are some examples.

You are watching an action series, you not only get introduced to the idea of drugs, but they explain to you what is the plant called, how many types of drugs can be created with it, what is the process, and what is the name of those final products made either by rubbing hands on the leaves and using that sticky substance, or processing the leaves further to make a powder of it. They tell you whether it should be smoked, tasted or smelled. They tell which pill does what.

You are watching a social web series that tells you the story of a wedding planner and how they deal with their clients. But the planner is a Gay and has a partner. They’ll show you how they do it, and how they satisfy each other. Similarly, Gay scenes are planted in almost all web series. This means, after you come across 3 such shots in 3 different web series over a period of a month, it now becomes a new normal for you. I must mention clearly that being gay is nothing wrong, it is just how someone is, it’s just a physical need. But my question is, why promote in every web series which has nothing to do with homosexuality. I mean regardless of what genre that web series is, you will still find few scenes.

Sometimes a web series is made only to explain how extramarital affairs are done, how to hook up with a married man or a woman, how to communicate secretly, how to cheat, how to hide things, and how to plan the pleasure meets. Isn’t this a course that teaches you how to cheat your life partner? Indirectly they are telling you that this is normal, you are a free person, claim your freedom and do whatever you want. It’s a free world, don’t care about the culture and all. Isn’t this destroying the social fabric of our country?

Recently I came across a web series, produced by the actress wife of a big cricketer. It’s a crime thriller but has few scenes on child abuse and child sex. Of course, it was directed in such a way that you don’t see actual things, but that’s the artwork of these bastards, they are introducing a new kind of pleasure form, which can be done easily because a child would not be able to explain. If a child is below 2, he can’t even speak. I hate writing this kind of articles, but I have to so that the government wakes up and does something.

Sometimes a web series is created just to implant negative thoughts in the minds of labours, servants, lower employees against their bosses. The sentences are not aggressive or direct, but they are explained in detail. I mean what could be told in just 1 line is converted to a scene of 2 minutes where many dialogues are exchanged.

For example “Woh naukar hai” is explained as “Mai use khane ka amantran dunga to bhi woh table par nahi ayega, mai malik hu isliye kehna mera farz hai, woh naukar hai isliye sunkar mana karna ye uska farz hai“. Such dialogues give more clarity on the division of the classes and the restriction. Which makes the person feel low about what he is, what he is doing and what he shouldn’t. And this thing creates more hatred, which stops him from making progress in their life. Creating an inferiority complex, instead of positivity.

Sometimes a particular market or an industry or an organisation is shown in a very bad light. This changes the mindset of a teen who is still planning on what he wants to do in his or her life. If he wants to join the armed forces, he wants to join the financial market or he wants to be a politician and contribute his skills in developing the nation.

But in the name of a storytelling web series, he or she is shown a bad picture, which is not 100% true. I mean there could be one or two such incidents, which can be found in every profession, but here, that one incident is exaggerated and blown up in such a big way, that it creates a permanent negative impression in your mind till you live. It is only after you get into that profession, you realise that everything that your impression was wrong. But that’s just 1 profession for which you finally got some clarity, what about the other professions?

Do you think they are making web-series for money, No!!. They themselves make a pirated copy of these web-series and put them on torrent sites so that the poor youth can watch it easily if he/she can’t afford to pay. The series is uploaded on cloud servers and a massive messaging campaign is run on chat apps wherein the links to download are shared. Imagine a youth in standard 8 to 12 watching these videos, how will this affect his behaviour, his views on people, society, institutions, organisations and life.

At the age of 15, he or she starts fantasising about a woman or a man the age of 40, 50, 60 and more. Everything that he or she learns in the web series becomes the real world for him or her, not ‘New Normal’. The new normal is for people above 35, who has seen some Pre Web-series world in real.

All the examples I mentioned in this article is a very well planned strategy to destroy our youth, the mindset of our men and women, our society, culture, and social fabric.

It’s not just a few enemy countries from our neighbourhood, but many from other continents who don’t want our nation to flourish and progress. A huge amount of money is sponsored to plant such thoughts and stories in our minds in the form of web series. Web series is a new tool in a disinformation campaign war. Web series is far more dangerous than watching porn.