People seek the assistance of pandits to find out the muhurat for engagement, wedding, starting a new business, submitting an application, buying a house, car, electronics, shifting to the new house, office, travelling and everything. If the pandit’s presence is required on that day, like for performing pooja, yagna, or some kind of vidhi and if he has too many assignments or orders on that day for doing the pooja or yagna, he will shift the date very easily.

What he does is, he uses the Vijaya Muhurat that comes at 12.39 pm every day. He won’t tell you the exact time, nor he will tell you the name of the muhurat, instead, he will tell you that there is a good Muhurat between 12 and 1 pm on a particular date. They won’t tell you that this Muhurat is available every day and the only one which can be used every day. Yes, this muhurat can be used for anything and everything I mentioned in the first paragraph of this piece.

This is a secret which they never reveal. If they do, then their importance and value get reduced. They will then be called on any day for the pooja decided by their customer, which means they don’t have a say on which day the pooja can be done, which means the Pandit has no option but to drop one of the pooja if he is called by two people on the same date and same time. Which means losing a customer, losing income. Secondly, they will be called only when a Pooja has to be performed. This means the visiting charges they take to come down at your place and tell you the muhurat is stopped.

When the customer learns about Vijaya Muhurat, why would he/she call the pandit? But even after one learns about this Vijaya muhurat (12.39 pm) families would still blindly follow what the pandit says. I understand that some muhurat is the best for wedding, and some are best for purchasing any metal items, but what I don’t like is that the Pandits give more preference to money than to their ethics. Let me give you an example.

There are 2 families, Sanvays and Vinmays who consult the same pandit. Both the families have planned a wedding in their house later this year, and there is the best muhurat coming on let’s say 8 December which is most suitable for the wedding. Pandit Ji is aware that both the families are going to approach him sooner or later to ask for the best mahurat and he is going to be invited to perform the wedding pooja.

Here is what the pandit does. He gives the best muhurat to either of one and allots the next days Vijaya muhurat to the second family. This way he gets the date locked for both the family and for himself, not because he cannot go and perform the pooja at two places at the same time, but because he does not want to lose the customer to some other pandit. Yes, competition is everywhere.

In Hinduism, we don’t do shub Karya (auspicious work) during shraad which comes in the period between the last date of the Ganesh festival and the first day of Navaratri (sometimes a little earlier). We also avoid any shub Karya during the Kamurta period which comes from the 2nd week of December to the 2nd week of January that is the 14th Day (Makar Sankranti). But still, the Vijaya muhurat can be used for anything, including the wedding, even during the Shraad and Kamurta period. But because panditji has stuffed their speeches in our minds so strongly that we have tagged these 2 periods as inauspicious.

Sometimes I feel, that this is the unofficial holiday period of pandits decided by their community. Something which is mutually understood by all pandits that no one should accept any business in this period, which means no competition and no snatching of customers. Everybody is relaxed.

By the way, one doesn’t need to be a brahmin to become a pandit, it’s just like another form of graduation. Yes, there is a course of a year or 3, which you can, and you can become a pandit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vijaya Muhurat?
Vijaya Muhurat is an auspicious Muhurat which is available every day, regardless of amavasya or shraad, kamurta or any bad day in the panchang.

What is the Time of Vijaya Muhurat?
12.39 pm

What is the date of Vijaya Muhurat?
Vijaya Muhurat comes every day.

What can be done on Vijaya Muhurat?
On Vijaya Muhurat, any Shubh Karya can be done like Wedding, Buying, Starting Business and more.