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How to Navigate without Internet or Paper Maps

How To Navigate Without Internet or Paper Maps

You just had your breakfast, and you are about to leave your hotel/hostel to tour the city. You have planned to visit...
My Experiences at Immigration & Border Check Posts

My Experience at Immigration & Border Check Posts

Whenever we cross into another country, there is an immigration check, also sometimes referred as a border checkpoint, wherein you have to...
How To Select A Perfect Hostel

How To Select Hostel?

While selecting a hostel, we usually prefer to have breakfast included and facilities like Wi-Fi, Locker, Kitchen, Bathing attached and all. We...
Why You Should Travel Without Luggage

Why Travel Without Luggage?

In all my globe-trotting trips to 47 countries and the remotest areas of India, I've always travelled with just one pitthu (small...
Why You Should Travel Solo

Why Travel Solo?

The primary reason why you should travel solo is to have your own space. Once you have it, it is only then...
What is Solo Travelling

What Is Solo Travel?

Solo travel means you travel alone. As simple as that. You do not look out for a travel companion or a partner...