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Sacred Games 2 Review Foolish & Confusing

Sacred Games 2 Review: Foolish & Confusing

After watching Sacred Games 2, I was disappointed with this under-cooked and shabby flow that didn't meet the expectations.
Tiny Texas

Tiny Texas: Eatery Hidden In The By-Lane

Tiny Texas is a simple little restaurant with just three tables accommodating nine people. I came across this restaurant on Zomato. I...
Banana Leaf Special Thali

Banana Leaf’s Special Thali

Banana Leaf Special Thali, is a medium-size limited treat, which satisfied my meal appetite. The thali came in a...
Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash Rider's Second Helmet

Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash: Rider’s Second Helmet

Whiskers charcoal face wash is something I came across very recently. I was planning my motorbiking trip. The usual drill is to...
setters movie review

‘Setters’ Movie Review: Deep Dive Into The Modus Operandi

This is the first movie in which I decided to give 5 out 5, just after watching the first 3 minutes of...
Paharganj Movie Review

‘Paharganj’ Movie Review: Drama Mystery Showcasing The Hidden Aspects Of A Place (3.5/5)

Paharganj is a drama thriller movie, which can be understood watching the trailer itself. A Spanish girl is seen talking to her...
Romeo Akbar Walter - RAW Movie Review

Romeo Akbar Walter (RAW) Movie Review: Indian 007 Thriller

Romeo Akbar Walter starts with fast pace, In less than 20 minutes, our agent Romeo Ali (John Abraham) is selected, trained and...
Green Book Movie

‘Green Book’ Review: A Road Trip Dodging Racial Segregation.

A story based in the 60s about something unusual in that decade where colour racism was at its peak in the USA....
Cleaning of Gillette Mach 3 with Towel

Gillette Mach 3: Clean Shave At Just ₹1 Per Day

I was a person who never shaved every day and always felt lazy about it. At times when I had to attend...
Sambhavatha Short Film

Sambhavtaha Film Review: You Anticipate The Next Scene & You’ll Fail

The film Sambhavtaha starts with a typical location which sets the mood of what the film is all about. But after every...