How To Avoid Root Canal & Stop Toothache

If you have a bad tooth, and you think there is a possibility that you have to do a root canal, or it has a decay that is getting bad to worst. Then there are some remedies you should do, this is what I have been doing. To avoid root canal & stop toothache Buy Black Sesame Seed Oil from the market. This oil should be bought only from Ayurvedic shops, once you buy it, here is how you have to use it.

When you wake up in the morning take two spoons of oil in your mouth and keep it for 5 minutes. The oil will get spread in your mouth automatically (No need to gargle, just keep in your mouth as it is, I mean just normal, the oil will do its job automatically, the oil will spread everywhere in the mouth, reaching itself in areas having holes and decay in your teeth, without manual intervention.

You have to do this as soon as you wake up in the morning, before even brushing your teeth. Do this in the night also. But if you are feeling lazy and do not wish to do that full procedure, then just take half spoon oil in your palm, and soak your index finger in the oil and rub it on your teeth twice or thrice, in every part (upper & Lower) and (inner and outer areas) and then go to sleep.

Do not use water to remove the oil later. The oil will do its job while you are asleep. If you cannot find oil, then buy black sesame seeds. But please note, you will come across duplicate seeds in the market which is coloured. Now to test it, all you have to do is, put one spoon of seeds in the water for 30 minutes, if the colour comes out and turns the water into black colour, then the seeds are coloured, which means you return the seeds to the shopkeeper and buy new ones.

Please Note: Even the pure black seeds will release some black colour in the water, but this will be negligent. But the fake ones will make your water completely black.

So once you buy those pure black sesame seeds, all you have to do is have two spoons full of seeds and chew them in the morning and the night. You have to do this as soon as you wake up in the morning, without even brushing your teeth. Now the seeds will get stuck in the holes of your teeth. And this is exactly what we want, let the seeds be there for 30 minutes or 1 hr if possible.

The oil from the seeds will do the job and stop the rotting process. In fact, if the area is already rotten, the oil will successfully remove the bacteria formed, if you do this remedy every day. Sesame Oil or seeds contains B Vitamins, Calcium, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Magnesium, Fiber, Zinc, Vitamins B6, Protein, Phosphorous as well as Thiamin.

The Vitamins and Minerals in Sesame Seeds / Sesame Seed Oil is excellent for oral health (reducing the number of Streptococcus mutants in teeth plaque and mouth saliva). It helps avoid root canal & stop toothache. Other benefits of sesame oil or seeds are preventing diabetes, reducing blood pressure, preventing DNA damage and cancers. They also detoxify the body and prevent iron deficiency.

Important: Always store the seeds in a clean glass bottle, airtight and packed properly, without any possibilities of air passing in.

Just in case if the toothache is getting very very bad, then take one peeled garlic and press it in that area for 10 to 15 minutes. I mean to press it between the teeth. But do not crush it. The cost of sesame oil is around Rs. 85 for 100ml; you also get in 200ml and 450ml, which can be found in any Ayurvedic shops nearby. Also, note that the oil can be stored for 50 years, nothing happens to the oil.