Start-ups and large enterprises in India, as well as overseas, are hungering for intuitive CRM’s with shorter implementation cycles. Kapture CRM is one of the few CRM’s based in India that has been working steadily to offer both sales and service automation to companies of varying sizes.

Standing tall in the crowd:

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Kapture stands among India’s leading cloud-based CRM platforms. In just a few years since its launch, Kapture CRM implemented its omni-channel ticket management solution to major enterprises like TTK Prestige, ExxonMobil, Stanley Black & Decker, BigBasket, Quikr, Netmeds, Swiggy, and RPG Group.

Kapture CRM Journey And Major Achievements 2018-19
Kapture CRM Journey And Major Achievements 2018-19

Co-founded by Pearl Tewari, Sheshgiri Kamath, and Vikas Garg; Kapture’s 8-year long journey has led to a 200+ member team across 12 countries with 500+ clients, and 25,000+ users using the system every day. Kapture’s clients complete over 1B$ in transactions on the CRM across multiple industry spheres, proving time and again that fast-growing enterprises choose a scalable and customisation solution over expensive, non-flexible CRMs.

Why Kapture CRM is unique among enterprise CRMs:

Kapture has a sales and customer service cloud among other industry-specific and device-agnostic modules. Kapture CRM’s key USP’s include an omni-channel interface, multi-graphical reporting engine, and analytics built on machine learning.

Machine-Learning enabled Chat and Hybrid Ticketing:

Sheshgiri Kamath, CEO spoke about how Kapture’s enterprise solutions help service centers respond to and resolve their customer’s requests in quick-time. With the Machine-Learning enabled chat system as well as A-grade service center tools, including the Knowledge Base and Hybrid Ticketing, service agents are empowered to provide the best solutions to customer queries. Machine Learning enabled chat responses to ensure that no query is missed due to the unavailability of service agents.

Future-ready CRM with regular feature upgrades:

Akash Kakkar, VP for Operations spoke extensively about Kapture CRM’s monthly roll-outs emphasising how the “focus has been on optimizing data and improving the user interface month by month.”

Kapture developed the ‘Ticket Error Proofing’ feature earlier, for the helpdesk ticketing product. With this customization, support agents are mandatorily required to tag and categorize tickets based on their priority and SLA. They are also notified during customer, callback ensuring that no callback is missed, leading to smooth ticket disposal, clean & clutter-free data, and impactful, error-free reporting.

Kapture continuously works on improving its UI & UX. In the past year, they have considerably enhanced the CRM interface on both desktops as well as the mobile app, making it more user-friendly.

More visual reports and dashboards were rolled out with a focus on providing performance overviews. Also a part of roll-outs this year were click-throughs and drill-down dashboards.

Kapture considers cybersecurity to be of paramount importance to enterprises, which is why the CRM is now PCI-DSS compliant.

Certified in Information Security Standards – ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA:

One of Kapture’s most significant achievements this year was becoming a certified SaaS provider in India. With data security and information privacy being of prime importance in the age of digital, Kapture CRM goes the extra mile to ensure client data is encrypted and safe.

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