Usually, when we are writing or reading something on our laptop in public, chances are the person sitting at your left or right might peep into your screen, or maybe your room partner or your colleague in your office has that habit which you may not like.

We will learn how to reduce the brightness of your windows 7 screen desktop / laptop beyond the hardware capabilities of your laptop or PC. I am not talking about the built-in option of your computer to dim your screen from being visible to other.

You will be amazed about this little software that blocks people from peeping into your laptop/computer screen, when you are using your laptop in public or travelling in a train, bus or a flight and safeguard your privacy.

Dimmer is a free software application designed by Nelson Pires to help control the brightness of your computer screen.

On his website scroll a bit, come to the downloads area, and click on the ‘DOWNLOAD HERE’. Download the zip file extract it and run the Dimmer.exe file.

Once you run it, a new icon appears in your system tray.

Dimmer Software Icon Appears after in the Tray bar after you run it
Dimmer Software Icon Appears after in the Tray bar after you run it

Here is How You Can Adjust Brightness in Windows 7 & 10

Right click on it and you will have the options to increase or reduce the brightness in windows 7. You also get an exit button, which can only be accessed from its icon located here.

Adjust Brightness in Windows 7
Adjust Brightness in Windows 7

This dimmer software is very useful when you are in total darkness and the minimum brightness from your laptop or computer display is still too much. It can dim all screens and monitors; LCD, TFT and LED backlit types.

Brightness Adjustment Level in Dimmer Software
Brightness Adjustment Level in Dimmer Software

It is also helpful in situations to let’s say for example you are in a hotel with family already asleep and you still want to work and finish that pending work in the dark room.

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Another convenient feature is that Dimmer does not require any installation. It’s a portable application. Just extract into a folder of your choice and run. When no longer needed, delete the folder and you are done.

Dimmer works on all versions of Microsoft like Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Just in-case if it fails to run, then you will have to install “Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2“.

Video Overview

Watch Video – How To Change Brightness In Windows 7 & 10


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