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Sudhir Shah VU2SVS manning the Wireless Control Station at Half Marathon By Indian Navy in Mumbai

Mumbai Hams For Communications Support At Marathon Race

Mumbai Hams had a great experience on 18th Nov 2018 at Half Marathon organised by Indian Navy at Bandra Kurla Complex. Working on the Amateur Radio NET and Field trips is the best way to test your radio, antenna...
How to Identify Font in Image

How To Identify Font In Image

Your eye catches a font used on a flyer, pamphlet, magazine or a newspaper. Your mind immediately starts applying those fonts in that presentation design you are working these days. But the problem is how you are going to tell the computer...
How to adjust brightness in windows 7 & 10

How To Change Brightness In Windows 7 & 10

Usually, when we are writing or reading something on our laptop in public, chances are the person sitting at your left or right might peep into your screen, or maybe your room partner or your colleague in your office has that habit...
How to Block Emails in Microsoft Outlook

How To Block Emails In Outlook

Are you wondering how that company got your email id, which has been sending you all their promotional emails about their products or services?. Well, you never know who must have sold their customer database to someone, which may...
10 Port Orico USB 3.0 Powered Hub on Aliexpress

Best USB Hub 3.0 – Powered & High Speed 10 Ports

I’ve been using this Orico USB Hub (Rs. 2,600 from Aliexpress) from past four months now. With no flaw, it’s the ideal product I have to say. 10 Port Orico USB 3.0 Powered Hub on Aliexpress
RG58 Single Core Coax Cable

Understanding Cables Used In Ham Radio Hobby

This blog is mainly for new hams, to help them understand the cables used in our Ham Radio hobby. So you’ve just got your license, and you pulled up your browser, went to amazon website or a shop and...
Copper wires of various sizes

Which Is The Best Wire For Making A Dipole Antenna

When I went to the market with my Sir Mr Sudhir Shah (VU2SVS) to buy materials for making an HF dipole antenna, this was my first question. “Sir, which is the best wire for making a Dipole Antenna.” First...
3 mm Nylon strings used by Fishermen

How To Anchor Your HF Dipole Antenna

Tying your HF Dipole Wire antenna is a very crucial part in the antenna setup. Selecting the type and the best quality of string will save your radio. I’ve seen hams blowing up their wireless radios, just because they...
HF Dipole Antenna Without Centre piece

HF Dipole Antenna WITHOUT Centrepiece

SO239 with nut is a variant that can be used to make an HF Dipole Wire Antenna without having any centrepiece. All you need is just a Screw, a couple of washers and nuts, solder and wires of course.
QRP (Low Power) Antenna with Banana Plugs

Banana Plugs – QRP (Low Power) Antenna

Banana Plugs are more used in the sound industry, but it has a variant, which is useful for Hams. The BNC variant which is available in both Male and Female types can be used to quickly make a dipole...