Oslo (Norway)

Solo travel means you travel alone. As simple as that. You do not lookout for a travel companion or a partner and even a packaged tour. It’s just you, heading out to that museum, parks, local attractions or even the remote areas. One misconception about solo travel I hear from new travellers is, they say “I am a solo traveller, and I am looking for another solo traveller so that we both can travel together.”

How could that be, unless if you come across someone naturally during your travel, which you will. But you should not make a deliberate attempt to create a group of all solo travellers and travel together. That’s not solo travelling. Another misconception about solo travelling I come across is people say “I bought my tickets on my own without anybody’s help. Also, I planned the trip on my own without anybody’s help, and that’s why I am a Solo traveller, I am now open if someone wants to join me in my solo trip.” Again that is not solo travelling.

There are chances that you will meet solo travellers in your journey who may be on that route or a place for a couple of hours or maybe a day or two. But again, when you wake up in the morning, you should be going to the places alone. That’s solo travelling. All solo travellers staying in the same hostel may go for dinner nearby, that’s fine, this way you can make new friends. But again the next day you have to travel alone, that’s solo travelling.

But if you’ll plan to see the city together, that’s not solo. For example, this happened to me in Nice (South France). I met a Korean & Chilean in the night when I checked into the hostel. The next day they both approached me asking “Hey would you like to join us, we are going to tour Monaco city” which I did. But the next day I travelled alone in Nice city.

Let me give you an example of how Germans travel. They will buy a ticket for a place; once they reach/land at that place, they will then open their travel guides, and find out what attractions/spots they should visit. Well these days, people plan everything through the internet, booking their travel, accommodations and all.

But two decades back, this is how they did, and I still come across many who still do it this way. let me help you understand this in a better way. Imagine you have an MP3 player on your phone, with a well-curated playlist with all your favourite songs, which you can play anytime and enjoy the music.

But ask yourself will it excite you every time you play it. OK I know you can play it in random mode. But still, can an mp3 be compared to an FM radio, which is full of surprises. You never know what’s coming next. No, I am not trying to encourage you to get lost during solo travel. But let there be some surprises, let there be some hard work in achieving something.

Why not discover things from that same place instead of learning the things well in advance through articles and videos, and then just going to that place only for the sake of watching or touching that place for real. Solo travelling is all about you, your wishes, your likes, your tastes, your happiness, your satisfaction without any compromises. It is to break free, walk away from the regular path and do what makes you happy.