Till March 2020, the social media blood was available in ample quantity anywhere you go. Here I am talking about the likes, followers, comments, and those lovely emojis, which has become a lifeline for the human body.

It is this social media blood, which makes you happy and validates that you are great, by some unknown person, which you don’t even know if it exists for real. It’s a blood group that can be accepted in everyone’s body, without any lab testing.

You go to the restaurant, take pictures, post online, and you get your lifeline blood required for that day in the form of likes and comments. The next day you are at the airport, you post more pictures you get enough to survive for that day. Similarly, when on vacation, office, taking selfies with friend meetups, professional meetings, gathering, seminars, exhibition, conferences, events, and more.

There were plenty of opportunities for your daily social media blood quota. Things changed entirely because of the pandemic lockdown. Citizens are now sharing pictures of what they cooked with the bare minimum ingredients for their lunch and dinner.

They post about the dance steps they are learning, also trying to sing, make homemade masks, selfie while buying vegetable & fruits with their designer masks, and do everything they can to get their social media blood which is in severe shortage these days.

When they get burn-out and don’t have anything to post for the likes and comments, they start advising on what should be done during the lockdown. By hook or crook, they want some blood to be happy before they go to sleep in the night, and after they wake up to check their phones.

If they get likes and good comments, they feel their day has begun, and it’s going to be a great one today. This is how they are living their life with this social media blood.