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The state’s biggest religious festival is coming next week, and thousands of people from the metro city and other places are willing to go to their villages to celebrate the festival which lasts for 5 to 10 days. The question is they don’t know if they would be allowed to travel this time due to the ongoing pandemic.

The officials wake up and announce the plans without any consultation with other parties in the alliance, and soon they back off their plans. No, the officials are not confused, but they are struggling to keep happy all the parties with which the current government has been formed. All the parties in the alliance have a total opposite ideology.

One political party wants to please their vote banks which belongs to one particular religion; the 2nd party wants the opposite by favouring their vote-banks which belongs people from all religion. The 3rd party, leading the government wants to portray their decades-old idealogy and wants to help their people but they can’t, because they are pulled back by the other two supporting parties.

It all started with an ego to show who’s smart. The old player uncle sam took this advantage and formed the government with the unconventional match. The ego has been massaged, but they are now getting sandwiched. So to maintain the position, they have to do everything that they never wanted to. Or else the government will topple in this biggest festival.

Uncle Sam has already achieved what he wanted; he wanted to destroy a competitive political party in the state, clearing the way for her daughter. Sooner or later this government is going to be toppled by the opposition. The question is when?

Well, it’s going to be soon. The reason is straightforward. The opposition wants the current leader to make blunders around this and the near future festivals. People are already frustrated with the lockdown, mismanagement, and foolish decisions taken by the leader simply depending on the bureaucrats.

If people are not allowed to visit their villages, it will be like adding more fuel to this fire. They have already decided not to vote this party again, and if they are restricted to perform their religious activities, it’s going to touch their nerves. They are going to get angry, start hating them. And this is going to be the end of that party.

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