Hitesh Brahmbhatt

In just a few days after approving the returning of the migrant labours by and from all states through trains and buses, few states have backtracked. One state stopped the departure of the migrants, while few states have refused to receive migrants from one particular state from the west coast.

The state that stopped the departing migrants has finally realised the losses their industries and sites would make if there are no labour workers. But what about the rights of the labour, how can you stop someone from leaving, against their will. Had you taken care of their food and other basic things, they would have stayed back happily.

While the other states who refused to receive migrants from one particular state are horrified with the sudden rise in the COVID-19 cases in their own states. In my opinion, this is just the beginning of a big mess waiting all over the country.

My question to those states who are refusing to accept migrants is, how will you stop the ones coming from overseas in the next 1 month, they will be arriving in our country without any test. I think the supreme court should consider intervening here and make sure the migrants are allowed to make their own decisions, whether they want to stay or go back to their home states. No migrant labour should be stopped, just because they will be returning from a particular city or the state.

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