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Recently one of the tourism board of the Himalayan state came up with a possible solution to bring back the tourism revenue, especially in the holy places where lacs of pilgrims visit every year. Their idea is to issue a ‘Sanitisation Certificates’ for the hotels.

So how will the officials verify the sanitisation being done every single day for every single hotel in that town or village? In fact, the sanitisation has to be done twice every day, do you’ll think the hotel owners would do this. Who knows, if the officials would simply ignore so that they can show their seniors, sitting in the ministry, the amount of revenue that the tourism board was able to generate in this season so that they don’t get transferred and their jobs are secured.

I mean I just don’t trust the hotel owners, even if they are studded with the so-called stars. Forget about the smaller towns, I have seen their negligence in the metro city, where many times I find expired fruit juices and chocolates in the minibar. If the premium hotel in a city can ignore standards, then you can imagine what a Jugadu hotelier in the smaller town would come up, to get this ‘Sanitisation certificates’ for their hotels.

Even though if the tourism board asks the hoteliers to send videos everyday to them on messaging app, they would still find a way around. I will not be surprised if the hotel owner is simply using 100% water to sprinkle on the tables, rods, handles, and everything, instead of using actual chemicals to be used for sanitisation.

Remember, the hospitality industry is already at a loss, struggling to even pay their employees, how do you think they are going to put money for the sanitisation chemicals, equipment, PPE, and most importantly training the staff. The high rollers would simply try to bribe the officials for the certificate. Not everybody is corrupt, but it takes just one bad apple to spoil everything.

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