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After struggling for a month, finally, the labours will be heading back to their states, again in a phased manner. They will be screened in their current town/cities, they will then board the bus or trains (if approved). Upon reaching the destination, the whole group will be scanned again for the temperature and or symptoms, if found, they will be sent into quarantine.

All ok so far. But the problem is they will have to go through the same thing again when they return for work after we don’t know how many months. Out of fear, how many parents will allow their men to travel in other states for the job?

Will that same job be available for that person when he arrives after 3 or 4 months. Maybe the project has gone bankrupt, company shutdown, or they want cheap labour, with fewer workers. Most importantly, will the destination state stop the inflow of workers from other states.

Those particular states where the leaders always took a pot shot on the migrants, will they stop them from returning, and give priority to the labours from their own state. Will there be a reservation quota for home state labours, and other states labours?

The return journey of all the labours coming back from their home state to work state after a few months is going to be very tough. If they stay where they are, they will be the first one to go to work and start earning as soon as the lockdown ends, because they are available there and ready to work.

They don’t have to wait for the railways and interstates border to open before they come back with the rush of workers returning back for work. Things are not going to be that same again.

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