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These days while watching television or online videos, you find massive advertisement campaign from insurance companies. People are already in fear with the figures coming from the USA, European nations, and all over the world. It is this fear; the insurance companies are cashing on.

The poor and the middle class is already wondering how will they pay their daily expenses from next month. Those with savings will survive for a couple of more months. How are these people going to pay to the Insurance companies, even if they are offered to pay just Rs. 5000 and get insured for 25 lacs.

The advertisements are hilarious. In one of the ads I saw, the guy starts with “What will happen if something happens to you, who will pay the school fees of your children”. Never in my life, I’ve come across such an aggressive campaign which hits to the core.

Then there is the media which makes you so fearful that you start thinking negatively, foreseeing your financial vulnerabilities, even if you have more than enough to survive for a couple of more years. The upper-middle-class and above might have already been spending on Insurances since long, but watching these advertisements they get compelled to revisit their portfolio and find if what they have done is enough for them and their family.

And maybe because of this added fear, they might put more money in Insurances. The Insurance money never comes back, you never get anything, except for some schemes, where you get peanuts. Fear is the core of the Insurance market, not everybody is going to die, but because you don’t know whether you would, you start buying Insurances.

And what if many die, how the Insurance company is going to pay back to each family. Many companies went down because they received too many claims, which they could not payback. In my opinion, these are the times; you should keep your money with you, no matter, you are weak, middle class or upper class. No matter even if your Insurance premium is just Rs. 100. Just save your money, you will need it in the future.

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