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Ever since the ‘Indian Pampered League’, the famous cricket series was postponed, the public relation companies are working very hard to keep the cricket alive amongst the fans, with all sort of stories in the online media.

Some of the best ones are:

1) Player A spoke some XYZ lines to player B during this match

2) How player A got some advice from a person, which changed his life

3) How a particular incident like runout or incorrect lbw decision taken by the empire still keeps haunting this batsman

4) Why two players from opposite teams stopped talking to each other forever because of this incident

5) Sledging lines exchanged between players

6) Will he retire or not, with opinions from experts or ex-players to keep him in the limelight, so that people don’t forget him during the pandemic.

7) A personal selection of the best 11 players if he is asked to choose from all over the world.

With a huge amount of money involved in this ‘Indian Pampered League’, everything is at risk. Not just the players, the advertisers, the sponsors, empires, commentators, the staff, and a lot more. They have become so desperate that they were willing to play matches without any audience, they even planned to shift the League to an island nation.

In my opinion, no cricket matches will be allowed until at least 6 to 8 months, unless they select just one stadium in a state like Goa, and play all the matches there. The only revenue loss would be the sale of fewer tickets, but then the transportation of the players can cover the loss to some extent.

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