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Why target women selling home-cooked food to earn a living, forcing her to register her small business. The food authority says this is to make her accountable for using quality water and material. In the name of quality control, the food authority has two agenda.

First, make their initiation little difficult and scare them off with laws that would attract a fine of lakhs of rupees or months in jail. This is because they are bribed by the hotels and restaurant associations to bring such laws. After all, the house women are taking away some part of their business, which is a threat to the survival of the restaurant.

Home-cooked food is not only cheap but conventionally made in the home kitchen using the basic masalas which we use every day, whereas in the professional kitchen they work on the presentation, add soda to enhance the taste, ambience and all which increases the price of the food.

Today people want Ghar ka khana, which has fewer masalas, less taste-enhancing ingredients like soda, and looks like a tiffin box which comes from the home, most importantly healthy to consume every day. Are you going to eat restaurant food every day for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Secondly, those who register, are now on the list. Which means sooner or later they have to start the hafta to food quality checker from the authority. And if the business grows, she has to give hafta to other parties also like kachra corporation, lathi force, local gunda wearing white and white, and some local babu.

This is not governance, it’s harassment on a woman who is trying to sell her cooked food because of her condition and the situation in her family. Such small scale households businesses don’t advertise, they thrive on the mouth to mouth publicity. Which can only work if their taste, quantity, pricing and delivery timing is good. If they fail on any single point, it will directly affect their business. Do you think someone will take such risks of losing their customers, especially when she is struggling to survive?

If I buy something from a house women, let’s say roti sabzi and salad, and if I don’t find the value for what I paid, I will stop buying food from her and I will get back to the person who referred me to this woman, who will also stop referring others. Why force a woman to register before even she starts earning. Why divert her focus into the procedures, even if you are going to ask just her name, contact no. and her photo. Just let her work, and earn her living.

Are the food authority inspectors going to visit everyday to inspect home-cook food kitchen inspecting if she is using good quality material and water for cooking? How many houses will you visit all over the country?

Instead of targeting on home-cooked food business, focus on the water used by the panipuri wala bhaiya. Focus on the wada selling hawkers who use the same water to clean the used plates 5 times a day instead of using freshwater. Focus on vegetable and fruit selling bhaiyas who adds one rotten piece in your order, which is usually ignored by everyone. Just imagine, a vendor has 1 kg of rotten pieces of a fruit or a vegetable, which he divides in the 10 separate orders of 1 kg each. This way his 1 kg of rotten stuff gets him full profit. Why not focus on these people.

People are losing jobs, GDP has gone to the lowest, and will take years to recover. So for time being at least, stop harassing house women in their home food venture, let them work, let them earn. Today, even professionals are selling vegetables, because it has a 100% profit margin. Everybody just wants to survive, make a living. Let the economy recover. Everybody doesn’t have a government job like you.

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