Hitesh Brahmbhatt

The Indian parents would always insist on sending their child to the home tuition as early as from Grade 1 for many reasons. One reason is the parents are working, extremely busy and don’t get time to help their kids revise the school studies. Also, sometimes if the child is spoiled, and doesn’t pick up much what is being taught in the school.

The second reason is, the parent, in the pretext of “Stopping their child to play games and watch videos on smartphone sitting at home” actually want a ‘free time’ or a ‘me time’ after their child goes to the tuition. Mom’s want to go shopping, do part-time, visit kitty parties, join classes, do some hobbies, gossiping on the phone, do some extramarital, attending WhatsApp university and more.

National education policy 2020 has sent tremours to not just home tuition businesses but also to the parents, especially in the urban areas. There would be just 3 examinations, that is at grades 3, 5, and 8 to track the development of the child.

Since the methodology of educating the children would be play and activity-based learning, reducing the curriculum burden, with board exams losing their importance, there are no reasons left for the parents to send their kids to the tuition teacher.

I mean what exactly the child would do at the tuition teachers house. In my opinion, the tuition teachers association for their survival would come up with a version 2.0. Those taking Rs. 4000 to 6000 per month would bring down their fees to 2000 to 3000 with a meaningful restructured concept that would convince the parent that the tuition teacher would also teach their kids with play and activity-based learning.

The lower and lower-middle-class parents would save money by not spending on home tuitions, but the parent who wants a free time will still push their children to these tuitions 2.0. After a couple of years, the tuition teachers would increase the fee, explaining that they have to buy a lot of teaching materials (not books), but it could be anything. I feel the home tuition culture will be drastically reduced, but it will take a couple of years.

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