Hitesh Brahmbhatt

Many states have started relaxing the labour laws for boosting their economy with flexibility in working times and other restrictions. In our country safety comes last for the offices, industries and mills. Though every company has to appoint a safety officer, which is suppose to work on preventing any disaster, this is many times given as an additional job to their existing employees with a little extra pay.

Everything will be ignored, and the focus would be now to increase production. The labours returning from other states where they have been working till now will have no option but to work over-time, adjust the working conditions or loose job. Some would happily do it to recover their debts and microloans, some would do it in fear of losing the job to many in waiting.

The companies are now going to manipulate this law in the pretext of recovering from the COVID-19 losses and do everything they can to get the maximum out of the labours. The labour having no voice to raise may have to stay confined and simply follow the dictatorship of the company owners and keep working.

The state government should create a monitoring force to keep a tab on the labours working and living conditions and report it to the authority for further legal actions. Hope they don’t take bribes and ignore the things allowing them to continue.

This pandemic has created a lot of bad money-making opportunities. Since everyone is at loss, the corrupt won’t even hesitate to go a step further to make extra money out of someone’s bad position. Labours are going to suffer, they will then start to run away, ultimately returning to the place where they worked all these years, even if they get paid less once the lockdown ends with the state borders open. But this may take at least 6 months.

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