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Recently a wealthy CEO forgoes his salary while cutting some percentage of his employees’ pay to adjust in this economic crises because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In my opinion, a millionaire forgoes his salary is a complete non-sense, and a foolish technique to dilute the shock their employees are going to receive.

A foolish attempt to portray “Hey look, I am going a step ahead by forgoing my salary.” Expecting the employees will appreciate, but in reality, he made a mockery of himself. Man!!! You are a CEO, the boss, who owns a multi-million-dollar company. It’s your own money which you are not taking.

So by not taking it, where does that money go?? Well, it remains with you only, I mean your own company’s bank account, which is absolutely yours. There won’t be any difference if you don’t take your salary (except for the tax thing). But, your employees will get hit by this cut in their salary, which they don’t know how long it is going to continue.

Whereas it doesn’t matter to your salary even if you continue the forgo for next 1 year. Instead of forgoing your salary, which is in lacs or maybe a couple of crores, you should give it directly to the poor, in the form of food and essentials in this pandemic period. May it be the ground warriors working on the frontline, the poor, logistic person, our forces and more.

This ‘salary forgo’ non-sense is not only used by the CEOs of the companies but also by the opposite group. To be honest, this actually doesn’t help at all to the ground level person who is in actual need. I am aware that some of the corporate foundations have donated a huge amount to the common care fund.

But these are the times, where a real ‘GIVE’ policy comes in action so that you receive your ‘TAKE’ in the future. That’s what we call as ‘Give and Take’. Everything that I’ve expressed here is nothing new to the educated common public, everyone understands it.

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