Hitesh Brahmbhatt

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the government has made mandatory to wear a face mask, but what I see these days is, people are wearing the face mask just for the namesake. What they are doing is, they would wear the face mask covering their mouth, and keeping the nose open.

This is useless, you are wearing a face mask just to give an impression to others that you are following the rules by wearing the face mask. The government should come up with stricter guidelines wherein people have to cover their nose, along with the mouth.

You never know people would come up with a face mask wherein they would then simply cover the nose and keep their mouth open. The common reason cited here is they are not able to breathe. This is the case found in almost all above the age of 45, and all those who smoke and are alcoholic.

They simply can’t cover their nose with the face mask for more than 2 or 3 minutes, thereafter pulling down their mask below their nose. This is done by almost 99% of the people. I am surprised by the health official who comes on the TV every day to give the briefings, is not wearing the mask at all.

The lady sitting next to him wears a face mask on her neck. Even many of the leaders are not wearing the masks, as seen on the TV. People watching you are going to get inspired by what you are doing, not what you are talking. At least some of the TV anchors have started wearing masks during field reporting.

But those in the studio should start wearing it, which will remind their viewers continuously that everyone should wear the face mask and cover their nose. Even the national media anchors should start doing the same.

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