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At the grass-root level in India, English is seen as a first-class in compared to any non-English Indian language. People start their conversation in English, and then they move to Hindi or other regional languages after one of them surrenders in terms of ‘sentence creation’ and fluency. It’s an everyday war to prove who knows better English.

Nobody want’s to leave others unimpressed by talking in a non-English language. English is the most used language in the world, in every segment like profession, education, or research. Which politician is sending their children to non-English medium schools? When it comes to their own children, the cultural factor gets sidelined by prosperity. Lawmakers think that learning a language will also help them learn and retain their culture.

Merely learning a language will not teach you other things like knowing the food, clothing, lifestyle, and celebrations. People want to look modern, not desi. Nobody wants to make a thali with Diya and do a semi-aarti on your loved one’s birthday and put a tika on their forehead. Instead, they would buy a big cake, put candles and sing happy birthday. This is how celebrations are done.

As far as saving the culture is concerned, urban youth does not want to go to even their ancestral villages. People in villages are following the social media and WhatsApp feeds, which is attracting them towards westernisation. In fact, much has already been done, and still going on with a new animal in the scene, the ‘web-series’, which is more damaging than watching porn. So where is the culture, even if you find it, is getting diminished slowly. The 3rd language as a mother tongue or Sanskrit will be welcomed by the poor parents who themselves are not much educated and cannot afford to send their child to the English medium school.

The parents from the small towns are preferring to send their children in English medium schools as soon as they prosper. Those living in urban areas are taking loans to send their kids to English medium schools. Lawmakers are aware of all the points I’ve expressed in this post, so why are they imposing the mother-tongue to be used till grade 5 or 8. There is a simple reason if everybody becomes educated in English, then who would do odd jobs?

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