Hitesh Brahmbhatt

If ayurvedic mechanic fails or makes mistakes in surgery, the patient would approach the capsule mechanic for repairing or undoing the damage done by the ayurvedic mechanic. That means more business and making more money.

The capsules mechanics running corporates garages are feeling insecure because ayurvedic mechanics might take away their market share. I am not a mechanic, but I know that there use to be no tablets and capsules in the past. The government is not an idiot to bring out such laws without consulting experts and going through stats. They would not take a risk of playing with peoples healthcare and lives. That doesn’t mean I want to promote the ayurvedic ones and demote the capsule mechanics. But almost everything can be done through the ayurvedic methods, without spending a huge amount of money on the long bills handed over by the corporate capsule mechanics.

In my opinion, instead of going on strike against the government for allowing the ayurvedics to perform the repairing, they should let the ayurvedic mechanics do their job, and wait for them to fail. By doing so, they can then protest saying “Ayurvedics are compromising with health”. Then can further take up this to the court with evidence of the failures by ayurvedics in handling patients.

But the truth is, the capsules are aware that the ayurvedics are going to be successful, and once that happens, people would give the first preference to the ayurvedic ones, and only in the rare case where the situation goes out of control, they would approach the corporate garages for repairing their body. That means all the investment the corporate mechanics have done, won’t be getting much of the revenue expected. There will be losses, cut in the staff and the salary. Those who paid a hefty amount to get the admission to the college, and worked hard to pass and get the degree will be competing for a job.

Even if they start their own small garage for practising, there would be a competition. Most importantly there would be no commission agreement between these 2 separate types of mechanics. Yes, capsule mechanics have a professional commitment of sending a commission if one passes the patient to another.

Companies manufacturing the capsules, tablets, tools, equipment, machines for operations and photography will all take a hit. Entire well-being industry will be affected. Just imagine, what happens when foreigners coming to India for their treatment would go for the ayurvedic way instead of the other. I feel that the strikes are initiated not just by the Indian mechanics, but is also backed by the mechanics all around the world. I mean a particular lobby, who don’t want their customers to come to India for the treatment.

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