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The national leader announced the first lockdown along with the guidelines, which was followed by the whole country along with the state leaders. Then came the thali and tali, which created a wave of unity all over the nation. Soon comes the dia & candle lighting appeal, which again was performed by almost everyone in the country.

In Fact it was soon followed by many countries all over, and still being done at regular intervals. As usual, this did not go very well with opposition parties ruling in the states. Leaders are competing with each other in more lockdowns to show one-upmanship as to who is best in announcing curfew.

So before the 2nd lockdown got announced, a couple of state leaders went ahead and announced the extension of the lockdown 2 and 3 days before the national leader could do. Lockdown 2.0 saw stiff competition from state leaders with issuing statements aiming for the upper hand over the national leader.

One came on TV, another came Live on social media, and few gave recorded videos and sent it out. Others started mulling to tweak the central rules to adjust with the situation in their state. As the state ministers were preparing to get on the mic which is usually 2 or 3 days before the lockdown ends, came a surprise googly.

The national leader addressed the nation 7 days before the lockdown 3.0 ends, throwing water on the strategies of the state leaders. Within next 2 days, the ‘Financial Supporting Leader’ belonging from the same side of the competition, goes ahead with a full-scale artillery attack, giving out series of announcements lasting up to for 5 days, giving no time to the opposition to reload or prepare the strategy.

The state leaders are simply not able to announce anything, because the whole nation just awaits to hear the ‘Financial Supporting Leader’ with the relief schemes and help for poor, farmer, labour, business, industries, and most importantly opening various sectors for private entities. By the time the opposition would prepare the plan, which could take days, the performing round would get over.

The state leaders should keep aside the politics and wait for the national leader to announce and then apply some changes as per the situation in their state. The nation comes first, not the personal agenda. They forget that the national leader has more advisers, they are the ones who receive more information and statistics from all over, which helps them analyse and decide to what is best that should be done and applied in our country, in general.

I mean just because the people from your state are following the national leader and wait for his announcement, you should not get jealous and start competing and expect the people to stop listening to the national leader. One thing is for sure, every leader at every level wants a strong following, but without giving the maximum.

What they do is, just give out a little bit and expect much more in return. How’s that possible. Janata sab jaanti hai, aur sab samajhti hai, the public knows everything who does what and speaks how much, it is only on this basis they decide when they are standing in front of that polling machine.

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