A lot of relief goods are donated by individuals, trusts, political parties and organisations to the poor and in need. One thing we all don’t like is the publicity on them, I am talking about the name, logo and the pictures printed on them.

I mean NGO’s and trusts doing this is still acceptable because it is their money that they are putting in to buy those essentials goods for donating it to the public. But the political leaders are showcasing their portraits on the goods as if they are spending it from their own pocket.

Names and logos, still don’t irritate us that much, but the face pictures or portraits of people on it get into the nerves. My dear leader, the money that you are spending, is not yours, it’s the public money, amongst other kinds of revenue generated and received by the government treasury, which sends money to the state government, for the leaders at every level to spend in their areas or constituency, I mean the village, zone, cities, or districts.

How can this money be yours, and how can you put your portrait on the goods bought through that money to donate for relief. Just because people selected you through votes, you start printing your photos on everything bought with the government’s fund. How disgusting and pathetic that is.

Dear leader, let me tell you, the common public literally hates to see your pictures on everything that you have approved, inaugurated or even touched. Some leaders really do great things with the money allotted for their constituency, but they ruin it by writing their names and putting their photos on everything. People are sick of it.

I understand that leaders do it for the propaganda to keep hammering and to keep reminding the public of what they are doing so that they should vote again for him/her. This is also used for comparing with the work done by his predecessor or the opposite leader’s past work. Again everything used for the political point (Mudda) for the next election. Please stop this! People are not that fool that you think they are.