‘Paradise Less Travelled’ was my 1st Solo Photography Exhibition, aimed to showcase some of the magnificent images of low tourism regions of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, interior parts of Orissa and the ancient Silk route through Kinnaur & Spiti Districts of the Himachal Pradesh with subjects like landscapes, people, culture, nature & lifestyle. This Exhibition was held at NCPA, Mumbai from 3rd Sep to 12th Sep 2007.

Welcome To The Valley Of Gods
Up Above The World So High
Verdict In The Name Of Gods
In Vicinity Of Magnificent Mountains
Song of the Snow
Valley View Abstract
Spiti’s Eye View
Meditating Rocks
Towering Inferno
Downhill Dance
Maha Nirvana
Riches of Rain Forest
Homewards Herd
Virgin Wealth
Journey To The Unknown
Grandeur Landscape
Confluence Of Spiti & Sutlej
Where Eagles Dare
Silent Duo
Tranquil Home Coming
Scare Crow
NAKO Night
Papyrus Peel (Bhoj Patra)
In Mountains, We Forget To Count Days
Bomb Aesthetics
Hidden Heaven
Touching the Void

I was fortunate enough to be covered by the media for both the photo exhibitions.