Hitesh Brahmbhatt

Coronavirus has triggered a massive ‘Work From Home’ all over, with slack, zoom, skype and other video conferencing apps coming handy would also create a good amount of unemployment and competition. There would be hardly any requirements for the peons, cleaning staff, cooks, drivers, and more. Though it will save a lot of money for the business, it will also create unemployment.

The human resources department would now process all the resumes coming from all over the country and overseas to get the best candidate for their job at the lowest pay scale with ample options to choose from. A company based in Mumbai won’t be looking for an employee just based in Mumbai, this would create a massive competition.

The business would start selling-of the extra spaces, if not giving out on lease to make money out of it. Next 30 days is going to be the best experiment period for all kinds of small, medium and big business to test and find out if there can be any problems in ‘Work From Home’ model if they want to implement it permanently.

If it works, even 90%, there is going to be a new lifestyle, wherein everybody is happy. The employee doesn’t need to travel, eat outside, avoid office politics, colleagues peeping computer screens and a boss around. The employers will save a vast amount of money while getting a lot of options to choose the best from.

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