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After a month from now, most of the schools, colleges, and universities in India would usually open their gates for their students. This year due to Covid-19 pandemic threat, things are going to be completely different with schedules disrupted, untimely exams, virtual classes through online video technology, cancelled holidays and more.

The biggest challenge for the centre would be to decide whether they should go for the late beginning of the academic year may be from August or September, or they should give the powers to the state government to decide according to the ground situation in their cities and districts.

Another thing that could be done by the central government is to come up with 2 separate orders each for rural and urban institutions. The rural schools and colleges could be started in July and the urban ones from September.

Similarly, urban schools and colleges could begin early if the management is ready and prepared for providing online lecture videos to their students. A separate social media group should be created if not dedicated website by the institutes to upload videos, and the access should be given to the parents for the school kids.

For colleges, the videos can access by the students directly. If the videos are created for all the lectures, of all the class from 1 to 10, and for all the college subjects, it will benefit all the future students until the syllabus changes. These videos will be available for easy reference after the school/college classes are done.

Will this give more importance to remote learning, and create insecurity amongst teachers and professors. How about schools and colleges buying a mass scale subscription of an online learning app. What if state government prepares the lecture videos for its state for class 1 to 10, and arts, science commerce graduation.

This way, every institution won’t have to spend on the infrastructure setup. This will promote a lot of distance learning in the future for college graduates. As far as the examinations are concerned, for schools, there should be just one exam at the end of the year that is April or May 2021. The passing marks should be relaxed to 20 instead of 35.

For college students, there should be online objective exams at the end of the year, with a pool of at least 2000 questions for each paper, with 100 questions appearing in the examinations.

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