After playing Rambo in Afghanistan for the last two decades, killing top-level tangos, testing all their new weapons, assessing the casualties and damages for their research department. They are done in Afghanistan, but the problem is how do they get out of the country.

The US has finally stuck the so-called peace deal with Taliban after 18 years of war on terrorism. But is it a peace deal or an exit which has been repackaged not to look like another Vietnam.

With just one week of the ceasefire in place, they signed an agreement, which shows the level of desperation the US has, to get this thing quick.

The question is, why now?

The US president was waiting for the election year, where he could come up with peace agreements for major problems in the world. Be it Israel-Palestine, India-Pakistan, US-Mexico, US-North Korea, US-China trade war and more.

I won’t be surprised if he comes up with a deal for US-Iran in coming months.

Americans came to Afghanistan to wipe out the Taliban, they succeeded in destroying some of their leaders. But Ayman al-Zawahiri along with Talibs on the ground still remains at large. Then why is America forced to come on the agreement table with the job still unfinished?

If the president has made a promise to bring back their soldiers, then why wait for an agreement with the Taliban.

While we are happy with the peace deal, which is between the US and the Taliban, what about the agreement between the Taliban and the Afghan government, which is going to begin soon.

Taliban sees the Afghan government as puppets. They will come to an agreement with fewer demands, and simply make a namesake deal, just so that Americans leave Afghanistan without any problem, this is exactly what the US also wants, because it’s an election year.

14 months of withdrawal time before the elections which is due in 9 months, will convince the voters that the president is working on his promise, and they should vote him again to get it done completely post-elections. Once the same president gets elected, the pullout can be done in a month, instead of 5 months.

The same old strategy used by politicians at every level in every country.

A promise is made, things start working with good progress, but they make sure that few things get completed before the voting and few things are left to be completed immediately after the voting. This way a good amount of voters are compelled to vote that same person.

Do you think Taliban backed by ISI is going to follow the Afghan constitution, and not implement sharia law, once the troops leave?

With all the agreements happening between the American, the Taliban, The Afghan Govt. what happens if one of them breaks the agreement. Will the UNSC act by sending UN peacekeepers? Most importantly will the Taliban accept it?

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