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Even after clear rules from the government, still, some people do not cover their face to avoid and spread the virus. Especially when there is nobody to enforce you. Places like residential apartments, private gardens, and small offices. These are the places where people know each other. They are neighbours, friends, relatives, and colleagues. First, they would cover their face, but after some time, with mutual understanding, they would remove and talk freely.

For example,

1) “This virus and all is a scam for making money, nothing is going to happen. Let’s remove the mask.”

2) “Our office is safe since we are just a few people.”

3) Many times it becomes a peer pressure in the offices.

4) “I regularly take neem leaf juice and other natural things, I am safe.”

5) “I take steam five times a day, that destroys all the viruses.”

But, some people follow the rules strictly, no matter what. They dislike people who are not wearing the facemask or cover their mouth and nose with at least a simple cloth. The absence of facemask can create a full-fledged fight and break the years’ old relations.

I have seen people arguing and turning it into a fight when one roams around without covering his/her face. Relations that were good in the past became sour; they don’t even look at each other. But there is another problem here. Responsible people wearing masks are also hated by those irresponsible who never cover their face.

When responsible people wearing mask come across those not wearing, also, gets hated for no reason. People are frustrated with the restrictions due to the pandemic. The government won’t be able to do much if there is no Personal responsibility. Everyone has to play their part.

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