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From last many decades, we have the reservations made available for the backward classes, to give them opportunities, to help them grow in education, work and almost in every sector. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is going to be massive unemployment, and most importantly a lot of underemployment.

With no income in hand, the reserved ones would start utilizing their bank balances, fixed deposits, for a few months. They would not touch their fixed assets for liquidity, even if they try to sell, who would buy during these times, even if they succeed it would be an underselling.

The financial position of both the reserved and unreserved would slowly become almost similar, which would bring them both on the same page, which means less difference in their class. People would be desperate to work anywhere, at any grade for their bread and butter.

That would be the time; the reserved class is going to feel a lot of heat from the unreserved ones. The government may use the pandemic as an excuse to amend the reservation law, to create the balance in the society.

Chances are the government might altogether remove the reservation law for a couple of years, which might anger the reserved class, resulting in nationwide protests. They would fear that the government would remove it permanently after that period.

This is the time where we all have to stand together, no matter if you fall under the reserved or unreserved category. We need to understand the situation and grow together.

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