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In upcoming Bihar legislative assembly elections where new rules would be applied, a template would be created for the future Vidhan Sabha elections to be held in Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal in 2021.

Due to COVID, the election commission had postponed the elections indefinitely. The MLC elections for Maharashtra faced a lot of hurdles a few months back when current CM Uddhav Thackeray was to be nominated, to continue as the Chief Minister.

With the limitation on numbers of vehicles and people allowed for the election campaign and publicity, the political parties will have to chalk out their plan for this limited window, for executing their pre-election activities.

Due to COVID, people, in general, will think “If I don’t go for voting, it’s not going to make any difference without one vote”. In my opinion, the turnout of voters is going to be very low in Bihar this time. In such a scenario, the ruling party always benefits.

Usually, the party volunteers take care of ferrying the voters from their villages to the polling booth, but this time due to COVID, it won’t be easy. The election commission, to create social distancing, have increased the number of booths. This way, the number of voters allocated per booth will be less, that means giving more than sufficient time for each voter.

Again this will create hurdles for the party volunteers to plan the vehicles for transportation of the voters to the increased polling booths this time. But who knows, in the state like Bihar, a lot of things can happen in the remote rural areas. Bihar election will be watched very closely, not only by the parties of Bihar but also the states who have elections next year in 2021.

Depending upon how the Bihar Assembly Elections are held and how successful they are, the other states will decide their future course of action and the strategy for the elections in their states. This will also help the election commission to tweak their rules accordingly for future elections.

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