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Since the Coronavirus outbreak in significant parts of the world, people are now taking seriously not to touch or even shake hand with anybody. Many have started using the Indian norm of joining hands and saying Namaste.

Here are some handshake alternatives if you want to try something else to avoid Covid-19.

1) Put your palm on your heart (closed or open) and say hello in your language.

2) If you are in France, send a flying kiss.

3) If you are in a Muslim country, have hands crossed (fingers touching your elbow). This is one of the postures used in their prayers.

4) If you are in a Christian country, join your palms (with fingers intertwined) the way they would do in the church while praying.

5) Bow your head like Japanese.

6) Look in the eyes with a smile for 2 seconds (but don’t wink unless the opposite person is a French).

7) Bow with your knees bent. You have to bend your knees a little bit and come back to normal standing position within a second.

8) Slang Salute is an informal salute practised all over the world, usually with 1 or 2 fingers touching your head and going off a few inches towards the opposite direction.

9) Rub your Bicep three times with a nod and a smile.

10) Lift your knees few inches, with your palm on it, and rub twice with a smile.

11) Give a Nazi salute with both hands, (Not just one) or else you will end up in Jail. In India, both hands are used to give blessings to the younger ones, or by the saint to the worshipers, and also in the temples.

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