Hitesh Brahmbhatt

The COVID-19 lockdown has been a treasure trove for the opposition party leaders at every level, accumulating the electoral points for every upcoming election till next few years. A drought from a long time is now changing into beautiful pink weather for the opposition.

Be it the panchayat level, district, city, constituency, state or national level, everyone’s getting some relief to poke the ruling ones. Even if the administration really worked hard, but still the opposition would find out one small mistake and start beating their drums, and highlight those points until the next election. Though they are right in a few points, but not every.

Polarizing would soon start in the upcoming elections all over. The real campaign war would begin after a few months, wherein the ruling and the opposition media cells would be at the forefront attacking and counter-attacking. The opposition would start the campaign by the short noticed lockdown, which they think should have been done with a couple of days later so that people could have prepared themselves.

Then they would focus on quarantine facilities, the administration, mishandling the situation, the food and other arrangements. The PPEs for the frontline workers and their staged protests, delayed transportation of the essential goods, the late decision of dividing zones into three parts, red, orange, and green, and the strongest point of migrant labours.

Starting trains without clarification of fares, while opposition displaying their big heart by flaunting money to pay the travel tickets for migrant labours. One thing is obvious, the states which took the initiative to bring back their stranded people from other states are going to win the next election, but the states who refused them, have done extensive damage to not just themselves, but their entire party.

Though I understand that every state had limited resources in handling the massive incoming force, and little did their secretaries and planning bodies would have imagined that such a situation would arise in the near future. Anyways, what I see these days is our administrative senior officials are simply making decisions based on what they see and read in the UK and German media, ignoring the USA media completely.

Meanwhile, the opposition who is sitting at their comfortable homes, without stepping on the actual ground, is happy poking around the ruling, with the leaks and loopholes in the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. What does it take to simply go live on social media, take part in TV debates, and write pieces in the newspapers with criticism?

The fact is, any party ruling right now would be in a tough situation to take the decisions. Not everyone, but the educated class clearly understands that the opposition, instead of staying low if not helping, would not hurt their image. But, the cheap politics that they are playing at such times is not nationalism.

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