Hitesh Brahmbhatt

Some of the Covid-19 restrictions are going to stay for a year at least, wherein people will have to wear face masks in public places and all gatherings compulsorily. But the fear is going to stay for a longer. Which means many would continue wearing masks for at least 2-3 years or maybe more fearing COVID-20, COVID-21, 22, 23 or who knows what.

This is where the fashion designers, local shops, and the Chinese industries are going to make money out of it with their designer face masks made available for both the common and elites. The elites would go for the 10 or 15 colour designers collections of a face mask which will suit their wardrobe for all their outings and events.

The working professionals would go for lighter colours like light blue, light pink, light green which suits their shirts and tie. Those working in the corporate world would receive the face mask from their company itself with their company logo for the branding.

The spiritual market, the babas, NGOs, social workers, political parties will order a huge amount of masks for their workers and volunteers for their branding and publicity.

A common man will buy face masks available on the roadside from where they buy dustbin bags, and earbuds or from the general stores ignoring the quality with the main aim to avoid paying fines to the municipal staff waiting in open to catch you breaking the rules.

Yes, I am talking about the same guy who catches you if you are littering or spitting. The poor and the lower-middle-class will use the old clothes and towels, cut it into big squares and use them as the face mask.

The police would wear a khaki face mask, the army will wear camouflage, Navy will wear White, Airforce will wear Blue, Hindu extremists will wear saffron masks, the Muslims would happily stick to the surgical green masks used by doctors, The sheikhs in the Arab world would wear white which suits there Kandura.

The designer face mask is going to be a whole new market all over the world, created out of the COVID-19 pandemic. One request to all the nationalist all over the world, do not use a facemask that resembles your national flag, it will be an insult, and you might end up going to jail.

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