Hitesh Brahmbhatt

In just 2 days, many governments had to rollback their orders for opening of the liquor and non-essential shops in the neighbourhood. This is because of long queues without maintaining any social distance, and without any face masks. The police which is really working hard is already exhausted, thus not able to handle the situation.

People are not following any rules, and the results could be found in the sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in the last 2 days. The situation, especially in big cities, is getting worst. The only solution here is home delivery of everything, be it vegetable, medicines, liquor or anything. This way, it will be a lesson for both the parties, the seller and the buyer.

The government should consider a strict lockdown for a week, wherein only the delivery person is allowed on the road. Only then, the shopkeepers will understand how hard it is for them to delivery goods to each and every customer, they will understand the time, money and energy they are loosing with less manpower, in compared to the customer visiting their shops to buy, which is very easy and profitable.

After a week, when the rules relax, the shop owners will follow strict rules, or else they will again lose business, with shops shutting down. Similarly, the people who go around freely to buy things will understand the value of their freedom and will follow the rules.

Ecommerce companies should be allowed to sell anything and everything, but only through delivery. No pickup option should be given. Compulsory home delivery of everything is the best solution if the government wants to decrease the COVID-19 curve.

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