Hitesh Brahmbhatt

The second lockdown is about to end this week, with signs of 3rd lockdown in the pipeline. It may take at least 2 to 3 more months in urban areas to get to work with full speed. The government should consider cancelling all the holidays till 12 months, except for one weekly holiday that is Sunday.

This should be done for all the employees working in all the departments of central and state government. The same for employees working in private companies, including banks. The Saturday weekly off should also be cancelled for everyone, without any exceptions.

This will help our economy to recover to a reasonable extent. Lockdown is not a holiday, but a big break for everyone, except those working on the frontlines, logistic services, essential item business, and professions working from home.

Even while working from home, we save much time in travelling, therefore having extra time to rest and recreation. Taking inspiration from the Japanese people, we should work hard without any holidays, especially the festivals and the death anniversaries, except 2 national holidays that is republic day and independence day.

This will be most helpful for the daily wages labour, living hand to mouth. With that Sunday holiday, you will spend your time and money on the local sights and places, which you have always ignored. This will generate more revenue for local tourism. The only thing is that the local tourism board won’t have much work to do because the visitors are going to be local for the coming months.

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