Hitesh Brahmbhatt

Forget about the 2nd wave, India is yet to receive its 1st wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Today is the 43rd day of the national lockdown, with very good progress made almost in many parts of India, slowing down the curve, and the doubling rate. The government has good a great job in managing the lockdown with proper guidelines.

But the lack of self-discipline in some of our people are failing our administration. We are still struggling to force people to follow the rules, and here comes a massive remigration which is going to create havoc at every level. Not just the government, but we all, in every zones, have to brace for the impact.

Here I am not talking just about interstate remigration, but International evacuation, which may go up to a couple of millions in the near future. Though they would be asymptomatic, no one knows who all are carrying the COVID-19 cookies with them, unknowingly.

It’s all going to be an unintentional surprise attack with hundreds if not thousands of positive cases, once they arrive at their destination village, town, or cities. I salute to all the administration who have been working on the quarantine centres taking care of the food and other basics for them.

But, soon we are going to deal with lacs of people in many states. I just wonder how they are going to manage and how they are going to stop people from fleeing the 21-day quarantine facility. If people don’t follow the rules, then the government will have no option to declare an emergency and bring in the army. God save us! Jai Hind!

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