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Some of them got 15% to 50% cut in their salaries last month, some already got laid off, and some are in constant fear of what’s going to happen with them. The lockdown which is going to last at least for a month in a few urban areas, of course with some relaxations, is a nightmare for the employees.

Cities like Mumbai, where people travel for an hour in a jam-packed train to reach their offices, are still wondering how they are going to reach their offices. Not everyone can work from home, sooner or later, more and more would be laid off.

If not, their situation will be manipulated. There would be a massive salary cut for at least 6 to 9 months, wherein they will have no option but to accept the new terms and continue. In such conditions, there won’t be any Diwali bonuses.

Ask yourself, would you rebel or even dare to leave the job if there is no bonus? These are the times where employees will have to stick to their jobs, no matter what. Women are going to suffer a lot, they already work under stress, dodging bad eyes in their workplace, will have to compromise more and adjust to the new normal.

Forget about the extra perks you got, the survival of your job would become your primary aim. These are the times the corporates will get all the returns, by making you work more with less salary. You either do it or leave the job, that is going to be the scenario.

The MNCs are going to be very rough this year. If you are a govt. Employee, then you don’t have to worry, everything remains the same. But you never know when your department would get privatised.

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