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Those having a big house like 2 or 3BHK are suffering from the Bai that has gone away due to the lockdown. Our women in the house do all the jhadu, pocha, bartan, kapda. The Older ones born in the 50s, 60s, and 70s who have been doing kitchen work can cope up with the sudden shift of the workload in the house.

But the younger generation, who struggles to cook 3 meals is now desperate more than anyone for the lifting of the lockdown so that the kaam wali bai could enter their gates and take back the workload. All the bygones are forgiven like late coming, talking on the phone, surprise holidays, breaking those cups, improper washing, partial cleaning and more.

The worst is for the working women; they now have to work from home, cook three meals, do all the chores, without having any rest. But in all this, they discovered their capabilities of how much housework they can handle. Those with lower and mid-middle class might even consider laying off the bai for some time since they are now used to working on their own, doing jhadu, pocha, bartan and all.

The problem faced by the kaam wali bai would be the Diwali bonus. Some would agree to give away; some would hesitate for any bonus, blaming the recession because of the lockdown. There are benefits and losses due to the lockdown.

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