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Arresting an editor was the worst move. It was a trap, in which, not just our saheb, but the entire machinery has got entangled themselves just to massage their ego. This is what happens when you spend your whole life sitting in the opposition and one morning you are made to sit on the topmost seat.

You forget that you are now in power, and you cannot behave and work as if you are in opposition. When you are in power you have to work responsibly, that means you can’t use the administration and the machinery to hit someone like this. It is the beginning of the end.

Today, there would be celebrations and party in the left supportive media houses, where editors and journalists would toast their glasses. But the joy is temporary and not going to last more. In a few days, the editor will get bail and he will back in the studio. Can you even imagine how strongly he will come back, and how dangerous he will be?

Don’t forget he is the only editor who runs his own media house and is not a puppet following instructions of the owners. Which means he will speak freely on his both English and Hindi channels. I won’t be surprised if he launches a Marathi channel also, this is the best time.

He is fighting against the system, against the corruption, ill-governance and the mismanagement. He has guts! He has a massive amount of followers, people watch him, listen to him, he has a large audience. Though many would not accept all his points, still he has the guts to point the finger at the system and shout on them in the prime time show.

Do you think he will be suppressed with this arrest?

If you want to destroy someone or something, make sure you hit so hard that it should not be in a position to stand up against you again, but if you leave someone hurt by hitting or humiliating just to have a winning laugh, then I believe it is the biggest mistake one can do. Because that person can hit back anytime, any day. That’s the story of a common man. But here, its an Editor of a media house that you have hurt, who has #1 TRP ratings.

The actress, the editor, and all were a trap, they wanted saheb and his assistant (gutter mouth) to react, do some foolish things, like breaking the balcony, and boasting ‘ukhad diya’. They should have been avoided. This is how nature compels you to make mistakes when your end is imminent!

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