Hitesh Brahmbhatt

Our PM spoke about lockdown 4.0 but did not mention how many weeks that would last. In my opinion, lockdown 4.0 will have very fewer restrictions, people will not feel it as a lockdown.

The onus will now be shifted to the chief ministers, letting them make the decisions as per the situation in their states. But in the end, everything will be upon us. We have to take self-precautions like wearing a face mask, regular sanitization, keeping distance. That is the only way to survive.

Leaders all over are now talking about the possibility of never finding the vaccine for COVID-19, just like HIV. People making a mockery of social distancing have to get this straight into their heads if they want to live.

By opening almost everything in lockdown 4.0, the government may be going the herd community way, who knows. The lockdown so far was of great help in stopping the community spread and preparing the PPE production and setting the protocols, with containment zones which makes sense.

It is now going to be more about public behavioural discipline and compliance of norms and less of the government enforcing to ensure we slip into a culture of living with the virus.

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