99% of NGOs are just a front for something else. Less than 1% of NGOs do what they are meant to. This article focuses on the 99% mentioned above. The concept of NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) was started by the west to gain access to the countries, regions and remote areas in the name of research, study, and help. The best example is the geography society, health groups, wildlife protection groups, nature conservation and study groups.

Under such banners, these men and women can get access to any part of the world, even restricted places. But along with doing research, studying, and helping, they also gather intelligence and information, which is key for decision making on anything. But that doesn’t mean they are hunting information only on threats and national security. It could be anything.

For example. A foreign company making baby food is willing to enter a market of a different country. This company creates and funds a local NGO which researches child malnutrition in an area of XYZ. So, while doing research they are collecting a lot of other data which is passed on to that foreign company. One fine day the NGO is asked to do something else, like get the name, age, sex of people from a particular small area in the pretext of registering them so that they can get relief goods for their kids.

They are then asked to find out weak people who can be used in various other things like handle logistics for some secret project, paying them to take part in other activities like fueling agitations, spreading misinformation, damaging something, spying on someone, monitoring something, becoming informer of that area, keeping an eye on every kind of other groups, organisations, and events, may it be religions, political, or social. Get information on who’s who in that.

It’s not just about targeting poor people. They would target anybody weak and is working or living in the right place. Someone who can be converted into a deep asset. They just have to find out those unhappy, non-patriotic, sidelined, would do anything for money, and who wants to take revenge or simply doesn’t like the current political atmosphere in his/her country, and the injustice, inequality and corruption around.

Once you find such people, and once they start working for you, how would you send them money, how will he/she prove to the government that the money is legal? That person is asked to form an NGO, which will be funded and then he can show some activities, click some pictures for the record to show it to the local government, at the same time doing the job assigned.

Remember, the NGO could be anything, it’s just a front that suits the condition of that place and people. If nothing suits, they will focus on a climate awareness program to reduce pollution, waste management, saving birds and animals, working for tribes. The list is endless. All they want is to penetrate a place, create a platform where people would gather, participate, and then find weak people amongst them who can do anything for money, and pay them for all kinds of legal and illegal work.

These days it is done more systematically, which means a big NGO is funded, to look after other small networks of NGOs all over the country or territory. Some NGOs at a critical place does some real serious work to gain the trust of the local authority. That means more money is poured in to look more genuine.

A golden rule of exploitation is, find a poor person, pay him, and he will be yours. If a person is middle-classed, look out for his or her weak points like travel, leisure, cuisine, drinking, women/men and all. And then give it to them directly or indirectly by inviting them to a program, conference, seminars which would be conducted in the city or overseas. Pay for their travel, hotel and give them the royal treatment.

This way they are indebted and would do anything you ask them to do so, in return for more such experiences. One fine day, tell him that you want to fund an NGO, show him a big amount, tell him it could be yours if you start an NGO. That’s how people are kept on the payroll. Later pay him more for extra activities and information. That’s how bit by bit they reach everywhere.

NGO is like a shop in an area providing services, who is ready to cater to any customer, be it a local politician, opposition parties, mafias, intel agencies, diplomats, corporates, international organisations, enemy nations, right-wing or left-wing groups, religious groups, private detectives, local police or anybody. They also help with money laundering.