For the Independence day celebration, we usually gather for flag hoisting at housing societies, apartments, colonies, and residential complexes. This is followed by the National anthem, the question here is, should we play or sing our national anthem?

I am a patriotic person, I love my country, and I prefer to sing our national anthem instead of getting my voice suppressed by that loudspeaker playing just the tune or the song. Here is what happens when our national anthem is played on the loudspeaker.


I live in a building, it was 8.30 am, I came out of the shower in a towel, and here starts the loudspeaker from nearby premise playing Jan Gan Man. I stood there, while my two-year kid is pulling me through my towel, asking me to come and play with him, I somehow managed.


While I was dressing up to rush at the flag hoisting ceremony at my building compound, here plays the Indian national anthem on a loudspeaker from another society nearby, but it stopped after 5 seconds, then after waiting for few seconds they started again and stopped after 5 seconds.

The third time they played it completely. Probably they were testing if it is just a tune or a complete song of the National Anthem. But such On and Off activities keep people confused, I mean people rise in respect and sit down, and again rise, ending up being seated with their hand raised showing their respect.


While having breakfast, another society started playing the anthem on loudspeaker; I stood up, the anthem ended, but it started again immediately. This was probably because their player is set in the loop/repeat mode, usually used on mobile phones. I assume they were using Bluetooth to connect with those speakers. What a blunder.


It was 9.20 am, and many of our society members had gathered for the flag to be hoisted at 9.30 am. We were waiting for other members to arrive, and again another society nearby started playing the anthem on the loudspeaker, so we all stood still, respecting our national anthem, which we all did happily, but then again after 10 minutes, we sang it again, hoisting the flag in our compound.


Our society secretary had arranged some refreshments, fafda, and jalebi and more for all members taking part in the celebration, while having it, again we all were in the statue mode when another loudspeaker started playing our national anthem from nearby society. Some were sitting, some at the buffet counter, some having tea, and some washing hands. all taken by another surprise.

In my opinion, loudspeakers should not be used for playing the national anthem in populated areas like cities, town, and for that matter, even small towns because the range of a loudspeaker can easily reach up to at least 300 to 500 meters. I don’t mind repeating the celebration, but it creates an unnatural moment.

I know, many would not like my above sentence, but there is an emotion attached when we hear or sing our Indian national anthem, we get goosebumps, it reminds the sacrifices, the joy of getting our independence, its a feeling, my eyes get wet when it is played in a movie.

Hence hearing it again and again in less than 2 hours does not decrease its value or importance, but the feeling gets diluted. We can use loudspeakers for playing patriotic songs, in fact, would love it listening for the whole day, but the national anthem should be sung, we should not become that lazy to simply put it on a loudspeaker. It is not an Aarti, which we forget to remember, ending up using recorded ones.

It creates a different kind of vibration, that spreads around, a different type of a feeling altogether because you are making an effort to sing our Indian national anthem using your energy, and when it ends with jaya he jaya he, jaya jaya jaya jaya he, it’s a thunder-like feeling. We all should sing our Indian National Anthem and stop playing it on loudspeakers.