On the occasion of World Environment Day, The Municipal Commissioner of the Thane Municipal Corporation Shri Sanjeev Jaiswal, lead a tree plantation initiative at Hiranandani Estate, Thane.

A total of 200 saplings were planted. The saplings planted included Neem, Jackfruit, Alstonia and Ficus bengalensis (Vad tree), among others. These species were selected for their role in ensuring a sustainable environment.

World Environment Day TMC Commissioner Leads Tree Plantation at Hiranandani Estate
World Environment Day TMC Commissioner Leads Tree Plantation at Hiranandani Estate

Additionally, the plantation of trees like Bakul (Mimusops elengii), Kailaspati (Courupita guinensis), Mahogany (Swietenia mohoguny) known as an evergreen tree, Pipal (Ficus religiosa), Kadamb (Anthocephaleus kadamba), Buch (Milingtonia hortansis) and Bahava (Cassia fistula) – a Flowering avenue tree, Amba (Mangifera indica) – a Fruit tree and Saptaparni (Alstonia scholaris) known for its Medicinal benefits were done.

The TMC Commissioner was accompanied by elected representatives, including TMC Corporators: Shri Manohar Dumbre, Mrs.Archana Manera, Mrs. Narmata Bhosale and Mr. Kokate, TMC representatives – Shri Bhusan Tayade and TMC Nursery Department Head Smt. Anuraddha Babar along with the Horticulture team from the Hiranandani Group.

Speaking on the occasion of World Environment Day, Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, MD, and Co-founder, Hiranandani Group said, “Today, with the ever-growing economies, the doctrine of Sustainable Development becomes the most relevant principle. It is about the development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is about providing an eco-system that works in the direction to reduce pollution for a better quality of air, soil, and water. It’s about creating a space that emphasizes on more efficient use of energy, space arrangement to meet the maximum need of humankind, providing pleasant as well as healthy living & working spaces and meanwhile creating a positive impact on the environment. One can only achieve these if it is enforced right from the concept and planning process. It goes on through the under-construction process where one needs to ensure the least damage to the environment and safeguard usage of locally sourced material as far as possible.”

For Thaneites, this tree plantation at Hiranandani Estate by the TMC Commissioner and other dignitaries will hopefully, be a reminder of the need to take care of the environment and the significance of World Environment Day.

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