Recently a top court said we don’t see a married couple Shweta and Salim as Hindu Muslim. Also one of the state government came up with a law on Love Jihad. Forget about Hindu-Muslim interfaith couple going through hell to be together, it takes a lot to adjust a Gujarati-Marwari, Andhra-Tamil, Kannada-Kerela, Assamese-Bengali couples also.

But Hindu and Muslim are the totally opposite religion. One saves life other sacrifices. Can there be a match between these two? Initially, there is love all over, with the boy and girl willing to adjust a lot to live together happily, they are ready to leave their parents house and live separate and all

But as time passes, things start changing. One simple question is, what are you going to teach your children, I mean whose culture and language the child will adopt? Is it Mom’s or Dad’s who could be Hindu or a Muslim? They may communicate either in Hindi and/or in English. But still, slowly slowly, the child leans more towards what mom speaks and does. And here the problem arises, the father either accepts what his wife does or dominates her to change the religion and accept his.

It is the rarest of the rare case you find interfaith marriages work out and go smoothly. But if things don’t work out, chances are the boy will leave the girl, and by that time she has kids. Since she went against her parent’s will and got married to this boy, she has nowhere to go because her parents don’t talk to her and she is not welcomed. So how do we solve this interfaith marriage issue?

In my opinion, stamping the Muslim boy marrying a Hindu girl as a Love-Jihad itself was a first mistake by the right-wing groups and state governments. Why go behind Muslim men, instead why not bring a law wherein a boy has to convert to the girl’s religion. If the girl converts her religion, she cannot marry until she completes following the new religion for the next 3 years.

Once you bring this law, let any boy marry any girl, this will filter out cases automatically. I mean if there is a Muslim boy who truly loves a Hindu girl, and is ready to do anything to have her in his life, he will accept Hinduism, as simple as that. Similarly those Muslims with bad intentions, I mean the so-called Love-Jihadi will automatically stop marrying because of the conversion law.

I don’t mean that you should not fall in love with a person from another religion. In my opinion, please do so, in fact, go ahead and try as many boy or girl until you find the right person to get marry and choose him/her as your life partner. But, until then, just have a live-in relationship, do whatever you want and like, but don’t get married. This way both are understanding each other, trying each other, testing and tasting each other. And finally, when they are confident and want to marry, then let the boy convert to the girl’s religion. As simple as that.

One thing is clear, in this 21st century, you can’t stop people from doing what they want, especially women. So why it is only the women who have to convert, why not men? Men of any religion willing to marry a girl from any religion are most welcome, provided he is ready to accept and convert to the girl’s religion, instead of forcing her to accept and convert to his religion. This is the best way to delete the word Love-Jihad and create harmony and avoid hatred between religions.