How To Flush Out Maida From Your Stomach

If you just consumed a lot of Bread items like Pizza & Burger, and if you want to flush that out today itself, instead of allowing that flour (maida) to stay in your stomach for 3 to 4 days and make you obese, here’s the solution. Our stomach has some acid fluid which processes the food for digestion and excretion. What we are going to do in this method is, to provide the extra amount of acid to the stomach for processing the flour (maida).

And most importantly we provide it in small quantity at small intervals. This is the key to successfully flushing out the maida items from your stomach. Fill a jar of water, put 2 or 3 lemon juice in it and add Black Salt (Sanchal) in it, and if you want, you can add a little bit of Rock Sugar (Khadi Saakar) and not the regular sugar. But DO NOT ADD Salt.

Mix the water well. Now start having this one sip at a time between 2 to 5 pm. Have it at a regular interval, maybe every 10 to 15 minutes. This will clean your stomach. But stop having it after 5 pm. If you want to clean your system thoroughly, then wake up in the morning and start having this water from morning till 5 pm (with one sip at a time) whenever you feel hungry.

Maybe every 20 minutes or so roughly, but there is no specific time interval required. By doing so, this acidic water (made with natural ingredients) that we consume in small amounts, will stay in the stomach to process & flush out the flour (maida) from that pizza & burger in your stomach.

Please Note: This doesn’t happen in one shot. The reaction takes place every time you take the sip. This will clean your entire digestive system. I must mention that this will not work if you consume the water in one go. I mean even if you drink two glasses of water, this will not work, because in a few minutes all the water is going to get observed into various parts of your body. It is not going to remain in the stomach, hence no contact with the flour or bread items, hence no reaction and no processing, and no meaning in doing this remedy.

Important: During this period do not consume anything else. No food, no liquids, and most importantly do not take any medicines during this time.