The Women of Worth event kick-started with a warm welcome from the CEO Outlook Group, Mr. Indranil Roy, expressing his pleasure in launching the Business Outlook Women of Worth, a platform for Women Entrepreneurs. They started their tour of the event from Bangalore, then went to Kolkata, then to Delhi and today here in Mumbai, 6th March 2019 at The St. Regis, Mumbai.

Prior to that a poem was resided, by the host Zina Fernandez as a tribute to all of the powerful women in the room.

“They may want you down in history, with their bitter, twisted dice, They may tread you in the very dirt, but still like dust; you’ll rise, Just like the suns and moons with the certainty of the tides, Just like hopes swinging high, still, you will rise. Out of huts of history’s shame, You will rise up from the past that’s rooted in pain, My dear ladies, you will rise. You’re a big wide ocean, leaping and swelling and bearing the tide leaving behind nights of terror and fear bringing the gifts your ancestors gave, you are the dream and the hope of the slave, all of my dear women of worth in the room; You will rise, you will rise, tonight You will rise.”

India is the worlds fastest growing startup ecosystem, according to the 6th economic census related to the ministry of the statistics and implementation. Women constitute around 14% of the total entrepreneurship, that makes it around 8 million women in India who are entrepreneurs or have just started.

A Mckinsey group of study shows that India’s GDP could rise between 16 to 25% by 2025 if women participated equally with men in this country.

The CEO says “Outlook business decided to be a part of this transformation, and that is why we have launched a platform for women entrepreneurs by launching a digital and a social platform titled WOW (Women of Worth).”

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WOW will be an interactive idea platform where we invite you to share your stories, read of other successful entrepreneurs and also interact and network.

We had some of them speaking LIVE on the stage and sharing their stories in detail.

In the end, I witnessed WOW Awards with a very high note. To do the honours we had on the stage the CEO Outlook group Indranil Roy and the Editor Mahalakshmi, Outlook Business also joined by Publisher Outlook Business Ms. Vidya Menon on the stage.

‘GIRL WONDER’ Alia Bhat, Actor

The first women of worth awardee tonight Outlook Business WOW Mumbai Celebrity of the year. She made her Bollywood debut with Karan Johar ‘Student of the Year’ alongside Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra in 2012 and in just seven years she has carved a niche for herself in Bollywood with her shear, and I must say ‘Choice of Roles’ leaving all of us in the room thirsting for more. With a string of movies that showcased her repertoire, right from ‘Highway’ my personal favorite to ‘Two States’. ‘Humty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya’ to ‘Udta Punjab’, ‘Dear Zindagi’, ‘Badrinath Ki dulhaniya’, ‘Raazi’ to ‘gully boy’ most recently she has emerged as the youngest powerhouse of talent in Bollywood. At 25, her roles are already more diverse than many veterans. Accused of being a product of nepotism, She’s let her work speak for herself. With Brahmastra, Kalank, Takhth, her body of work is only getting more stronger. That’s none other than ‘GIRL WONDER’ Alia Bhat, Actor.

‘THE UNBREAKABLE’ Deepali Goenka, CEO & JMD, Welspun INC.

The next women of worth awardee is Ms. Dipali Goenka (CEO & JMD. WELSPUN INC) A women behind the driving force of India’s leading textile businesses; She has successfully lead the development of two of the most recognised brands in India, known as ‘Spaces Home & Beyond and Christy. ‘THE UNBREAKABLE’ Deepali Goenka, CEO & JMD, Welspun INC.

‘BOULD BUILDER’ Brinda Somaya (Founder, Somaya and Kalappa Consultants)

The next women of worth awardee is “BOULD BUILDER” Ms. Brinda Somaya (Founder, Somaya and Kalappa Consultants). Someone who has merged architecture conservation and social equity in projects ranging from institutional campuses and rehabilitation of an earthquake-torn village to the restoration of the 18th-century cathedral showing that progress and history did not be at odds. She manages a team of over 50 and her firm had an FY18 revenue of Rs. 110 million.

‘CODER-IN-CHIEF’ Manisha Raisinghani (Co-Founder, Loginext)

The next women of worth awardee is ‘CODER-IN-CHIEF’ Ms. Manisha Raisinghani (Co-Founder, Loginext). She homes a masters degree in Information System from Carnegie Mellon University, who worked with IBM (USA), Mastek (UK) in the capacity of the technology architect and lead. Finally walked down the path of entrepreneurship of building one of India’s fastest growing SAS company catering to logistics and workforce optimisation.

‘CITY-GIRL SARPANCH’ Chhavi Rajawat, Sarpanch, Soda Village (Rajasthan)

The next women of worth awardee is someone who left her thriving corporate job, and she cast of her other lifestyle and decided to serve the underprivileged inhabitant of her ancestral village in Rajasthan (Soda) to address the severe drought. After the people who started referring to her as ‘Bhaisa’ elected her as their Sarpanch (Village Head) in 2010. Today soda is on its way to emerge as a model village that is being built on integrated Sustainable gender balanced development that can be replicated in other villages across our country. She has brought in rapid development in water, sanitation, electricity, and education. She is India’s youngest English-Speaking ‘Jeans-Clad’ Sarpanch. She is the ‘CITY-GIRL SARPANCH’ Chhavi Rajawat, Sarpanch, Soda Village.

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‘CHARMER COMIC’ Mallika Dua, Actor and Comedienne

The next awardee has a theatre major from Franklin & Marshall College in the U.S. who briefly dabbled in the world of advertisement before discovering the power of digital media with a comic video, should people say of Sarojini Nagar Edition. With her videos and her hashtag activism, she is defined generous stereotypes and carving a niche for herself as a youth icon. Ever since the netizens got a taste of her many quirks in the videos, she has several web series and two films. She is the ‘CHARMER COMIC’ Mallika Dua, Actor and Comedienne.

‘FINANCIER OF FREEDOM’ Chetna Gala Sinha, Founder, Mann Deshi Foundation

Our next awardee is the founder of the first bank in the country that is for and by rural women to receive a co-operative license from the reserve bank of India. Over the two decades, the bank was set up in 1997 of a working capital of 7 lacs and 8 thousand Indian rupees raised from its 1,335 members ‘Man Deshi Sahkari Bank’ caters to 3 lacs women providing them with a financial backing and the emotional impetus to become a successful entrepreneur. She is single-handedly bringing ‘Hisab Himmat and Hunar’ to 110,000 rural women. A follower of the JP movement, she married a rural accessibility activist. She started a micro-finance institution to make women independent by providing them small loans. Today, the Mann deshi bank has nine branches, a capital of over Rs. 1.5 billion. The ‘For Women, By Women’ Mann Deshi Bank, will cross Rs. 1 Billion in deposits this month. ‘FINANCIER OF FREEDOM’ – Ms. Chetna Gala Sinha, Founder, Mann Deshi Foundation. She is an absolute WOW.

‘THE DIGITAL DIVA’ Prajakta Koli (YouTuber & Video Blogger)

Our next awardee is someone who broke the barrier in the digital world with her YouTube Channel mostly say three years ago, she has over 2.2 million subscribers. The well-known YouTuber & Video Blogger, ‘THE DIGITAL DIVA’ Ms. Prajakta Koli.

‘REVOLVER RANI’ Kalpana Saroj, Chairperson, Kamani Tubes

An individual who is an epidemy of a grit of determination is a perfect example of what an empowered woman looks like. Poverty, Caste bias, emotional and physical trauma and a near-death experience all worked towards moulding her entrepreneur zeal that resulted in the making of 2000 crore empire by the name of Kamani group. Born a Dalit, she escaped a child-marriage, abject poverty and survived suicide. She came to Bombay and started her hustle by working in a textile mill. She borrowed to buy a disputed plot of land and developed it to fund her venture. Her tale become legend. So the ‘Kamani Tubes’ labour force approached her to revive their dying company. Having gone through a turnaround, the company is thriving today. In 2013 she received the Padma Shri for her humanitarian work. She is ‘REVOLVER RANI’ Ms. Kalpana Saroj, chairperson, Kamani Tubes.

‘CELEB CONFIDANTE’ Malini Agarwal, Founder, MissMalini

The next WOW awardee, who moved from her passion from dancing to setting up a venture that caters to every Indian staple diet of everything Bollywood and fashion. She is one of the first Indian who turned her Blog into a multi-million business. With FY17 revenue of Rs. 61 Million, MissMalini reaches 40 million people through her website and social media. Today, she aspires to be the Oprah and Ellen of the internet, by creating socially-conscious content that millennial care about. ‘CELEB CONFIDANTE’ Malini Agarwal, Founder, MissMalini.

‘DRAMA QUEEN’ Nidhi Bisht, creative director, TVF

The 10th awardee for this evening is a woman who broke stereotypes to follow a passion in the world of entertainment, in fact we heard from her earlier this evening. She has swiftly become one of the most popular names in online entertainment. Having joined TVF in 2012, she has been a cornerstone of its rise. She has starred in films like Phillauri and Umrika. The ‘DRAMA QUEEN’ Nidhi Bisht, creative director, TVF.

In this event, women entrepreneurs had an option to share their entrepreneur story. Women willing and excited about sharing their entrepreneur story were asked to get in touch, where they would be taken (to what they called as) Outlook Business WOW Studio, where they will record your entrepreneurial journey for the entire world to see on their website.


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